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Before Christina had children of her own, she taught Sunday School to elementary school aged children.  Once she became a mother, she moved to the Nursery class, which was geared for 0-3 year old children.  She wanted to make the class more than just a "cry room", but actually provide some religious education.  She tried to read from a children's Bible, and in an attempt to have the children sit and listen, she provided a snack.  But once the animal crackers ran out, they did not pay much attention to the story.  

As a mother of her own young children, she noticed that if she sang almost anything, her children calmed down and listened.  She saw most children loved the soothing and familiar tunes of  Nursery Rhymes.  Those melodies became the base for all the lyrics.  The words and songs in this book are the outcome of her time with the children each and every Sunday.  There are so many basic concepts she wanted to teach, and before she knew it - over 40 songs were written!

Parents loved it as much as the kids - and encouraged Christina to publish these songs to share with all of you!


These songs were all created with the intention of education.  Each topic is something relevant to the young church attendee - things they see, do or hear about.  Each song has been researched and reviewed by members of clergy.

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This ​Lenten Countdown Calendar (Lady Lent or Kira Sarakosti) is in collaboration with Orthodox Pebbles and St. Tabatha's Workshop.

Our Easter song is the background - isn't is cute!  Each leg is removed during each Sunday of Lent (then placed in her pocket.)

For Christian Children

Original Lyrics by Christina Romas Connant
Illustrated by Kristen Bannister

Available in Editions for Christian Children,
Catholic Children and Orthodox Christian Children 

Perfect for a pre-school Sunday School Class, Mommy and Me Class or for parents, grandparents and others to sing with their children!

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Lady Lent - Countdown Calendar

For Orthodox Children

For Catholic Children

Listen to Sample Songs Below:

Christina Romas Connant

Track 1: "God Loves Everyone"

Track 2: "Good Samaritan"

A Collection of Fun and Instructional Songs about Church Time Basics,

God's Love and Bible Stories 

for All Christian Children